For the Sophisticated Traveler

When we set out to create Marèa Maréa it was clear to us who we were not; We were not simply another vacation brand - embroidered turtles or neon stripes would not be found in our designs.

We wanted to create something instead, for the Sophisticated Traveler.

Something functional, of the highest quality, and luxurious. Something you would pack on your holiday to Monaco in the French Riviera or what you could wear while riding a moped around the coast of Thailand. We designed with the experiential & luxury travelers in mind- the people who are in search of an experience that gives them an intimate and unique look at the places in which they are visiting. 

Our first product, The Pool Intentions Short, is equal parts luxury and versatility, and a swimsuit we proudly consider a staple on any journey and always welcomed pool side.

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