Traveler Series 02: Lucas Goossens

Traveler Series: 02
Lucas Goossens: Painter, Jewelry Designer, Traveler


From Milan to Costa Rica to Bali, Lucas Goossens doesn’t simply travel, when he finds a place he loves, he moves in. Currently spending three months a year in Bali and 10 months in New York, his goal is to reverse that allocation and immerse himself even more into nature and a way of life much different than the typical day-to-day in New York City. We recently sat down with Lucas in our Brooklyn studio to find out more about his travels and the inspiration he draws from them.

Lucas, opening question – How many total months of your life have you spent in Bali so far?

So far, I think I’ve spent a total of 6 months in Bali. The next trip will be my longest trip there yet (another 6 months).

What keeps you going back? Tell us what makes Bali so special.

The nature and the culture keep me coming back. The people are very kind, and the Balinese always make an effort to make things beautiful. I also love the strangers I end up meeting there, it’s a very international community and we all feel like we stumbled upon one of earth’s secret places, everyone seems to be very grateful of their time there.

From your paintings to your jewelry design, and even the tattoos you wear on your body, nature seems to have a huge influence on you. What piece of advice can you give to those of us who can’t leave our concrete jungles, when it comes to connecting with and drawing inspiration from nature?

I’m sure everyone who lives in a concrete jungle can leave it in some way, even if it’s just going to a local park - every bit of nature you can squeeze in is a blessing. And if you really can’t leave, I recommend adopting some plants and taking care of them in your apartment. The positive psychological effects of tending a garden (even if it’s just potted plants at home) and seeing your plants grow can absolutely be felt on a deeper level.

We both share a love for tattoos. Some have deep meaning, while others were simply a passing moment in time. What do you think makes for a great tattoo?

For me, a great tattoo means finding a great tattoo artist to execute the idea. My latest ones have been collaborations between an artist friend of mine who made the drawing, and his girlfriend who is the very steady-handed and talented tattooer. I love making it an opportunity to have permanent art on my body. My first two tattoos were homages to my jewelry making journey, and the 10 others are a mix of my dreams, plants, art, spirituality, and travels. It’s nice knowing my body is a canvas and a work-in-progress.

Lucas Goossens Jewelry

Finally, you know we are big fans of your Jewelry line, Lucas Plus . We used it exclusively for the launch of Marèa Maréa. Tell us about the inspiration behind Lucas Plus and how the line has evolved.

It all started with the Plus Ring as a tactile and visual reminder to think positive thoughts by using the power of the plus symbol. Once I understood how powerful a symbol can be, I wanted to infuse all my designs with a mantra of sorts, which was a driving force behind many of the next designs. Architecture has also been a major inspiration with two of my latest designs drawing from temples in Bali.

What really got me going on my jewelry journey was an internship I did at the Museum of Art and Design in Manhattan, where I learned a bunch of tips and tricks on 3D printing and how to use 3D design programs. That experience further intensified my fascination with computer technology and its effects on jewelry design.


Lucas Goossens

You can follow Lucas’s on his personal Instagram here and shop his Jewelry line Lucas Plus here.